Halloween: easy and scary makeup ideas

Autumn is here, the leaves are falling from the trees, no doubt: Halloween is fast approaching ! For those who want to scare children and beg for “candy or a spell” or those who are invited to a Halloween party, here is our selection of nine scary makeup tutorials . Because yes, the costume is not everything and it is out of the question that you hide behind a mask. If you are out of ideas for next October 31 , follow the step by step guide, terrifying makeup guaranteed!

And you will see that there is something for everyone: woman, man or even child, the most difficult will be to choose. Roll up your sleeves, stand in front of a mirror, and get ready. But before starting your homemade make-up , here is the kit of products and accessories essential to get there: face paints, an eyeshadow palette , blushes, a make-up sponge, black pencils (preferably kohls) ), lipstick and brushes. Are you missing a product? Don’t panic, you can always go to the store to buy it or order it on the Internet. Amazon and other shopping sites are full of all Halloween products .

1. Halloween makeup idea: the clown

A sometimes funny and sometimes terrifying character, the clown is a great classic of the Halloween party. We think in particular of the red-haired clown or the Augustus clown, which we find in all circuses. For this ideal makeup for men and children, here is our detailed tutorial. With a black pencil, start by drawing two domes above your eyes, going to the beginning of your hair base. Draw a big, exaggerated smile all around your mouth. Your smile should start from below your nostrils and go all the way to your chin. Once these outlines are drawn, use a makeup sponge to color these parts white.

Your eyebrows should be completely covered and for this you can use white paint or an eyeshadow palette. Remember to set this first layer of makeup so that it will last all Halloween day . Mark the clown’s eyebrows with a black pencil and make a vertical line on each eyelid. Still with your pencil, trace the outlines of the terrifying smile . With your sponge, apply two coats of red paint, or red blush, to the cheeks and nose. Use lipstick to do the exact same on the lips. If during the making of your make-up, you have the impression that it has smeared, you can readjust it with a slightly dampened sponge.

2. Halloween makeup idea: the witch

Get your broom ready, the ugly witch is coming . As we know, he’s a typical Hallowee n character who appeals to little girls, many of whom want witch costumes . If your child asks you to give her a witch make-up, here’s how to do it and you’ll see, it’s really very simple. Take your makeup sponge and spread green paint all over your face. Take a black pencil and draw very thick eyebrows and wrinkles on her. You can also draw a black circle near the eyes or near the mouth to make it look even scarier with this big button.

Remember to fix everything so that the makeup lasts for several hours. Extra tip: you can draw a black spider on the cheek or even stars near the eyes. These are the little details that could make the whole costume even creepier. All you have to do is put on the outfit and grab the broom , and your child can go collect their candy. We tremble in advance.

3. Halloween makeup idea: the vampire

Here is another essential character of this Halloween party: the vampire . Who has never wanted a vampire costume to be able to wear the famous pointy teeth and the long cape? We are convinced that this year again, many children and dads will want to turn into vampires for a day or an afternoon. And to help them be the scariest in the neighborhood, here are the different steps to follow. Apply a base of white paint all over your head. Cover the eyelids the eyebrows with black or gray eyeshadow . You can also put it around the nose and under the chin.

With red lipstick or paint, draw blood at the corner of the mouth. Be careful to take your false teeth into account . It wouldn’t be about hiding your beautiful bloody mouth. Little tip: you can wear red or gray lenses for an even more terrifying effect.

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