Face Painting, The material to have for artistic make-up

Today I’m showing you all the material you need for face painting and special effects. At the bottom of the article I also put all the links where I bought my products. Obviously I don’t have everything and the list can still multiply (and will certainly multiply), but I think that with all this we can already start well in Face Painting. Note that I am self-taught in this field and that I learn every day by myself (hence the definition of self-taught hehe), therefore this post may evolve in the coming months.  I would also like to draw your attention to the fact that it is necessary to use quality products (especially if you are exercising on someone other than yourself), therefore be careful with the products you buy. because the risk of allergies can be very important with low-end products. The brushes. As with basic makeup, brushes are essential in artistic makeup. You need thin, rounded, square ones … each one has its own well-defined role. And as with basic makeup, I think you never run out of brushes. At the beginning, I tried to draw with makeup brushes that I already had, but I really advise you to take special Face Painting brushes, it will make your life easier and your features will be much sharper. And since these brushes must be stored well, I opted for the Tag storage pouch. It is perfect because it folds in half to serve as a support for the brushes but also it keeps the brushes in place so that the bristles do not crush on the edge of the pocket (something impossible in a kit for example). And as with painters, the bristles of brushes should be kept straight and flat. The eyeshadows. These are fatty or water cakes that will give color to your faces. There are multitudes of them, of all shapes and colors. Rainbow Cakes are cakes of several colors that will allow you to easily make rainbows or color gradients. The rendering is amazing and the ease of application brilliant. There are also watercolors. It’s paint for Face painting but this time liquid. It is used for outlines or details. The colors are bright and stand out well over your cake makeup.  The bowl for cleaning and soaking the brushes is essential. At first I used a traditional plastic bowl. The problem is that once again the bristles of the brushes crash into the bottom of the bowl when they remain to soak inside. Suddenly they take a bad shape and it damages them.  This bowl is great! On one side we put the water to collect and on the other the water to clean (a clean side and a dirty side therefore).  On the “clean” side there are notches to place the brushes so that they remain in the water but without crashing to the bottom. On the other side (dirty side) you rinse your brushes before changing colors. The streaks at the bottom are great for that, because you rub the brush over it and the bristles are swept away with their color. The holes all around the bowl also allow you to insert your brushes.  Stencils are a great alternative when you have a lot of people to put on makeup in a short period of time. This saves you having to do the designs freehand. These stencils are plasticized therefore reusable at will. Sponges and pads are used to apply your eyeshadows to a large part of the face or body. We can also blend several colors with them. On the other hand, get used to the idea of never finding them as new. Pigments stain sponges and even with incessant washes. Stamps are mainly used to fill in your stencils.  I love to use glitter, especially on little girls in princess fashion. They can be used on the whole face or only on a few parts. I find it finalizes the makeup. I do not put a fixer to fix them that would risk removing the makeup underneath, suddenly I simply put them on my finger. 

Same as for the sequins, the rhinestones finalize the makeup well. Children love it! They are self-adhesive and do not require the need for glue. The water spray will be useful for moistening your water eyeshadows or Rainbow cakes. There are several schools, either dip your brush in water or spray yourself directly on the makeup, it’s up to you.

The material for special effects makeup:

The latex on drying forms a flexible and transparent film. It is used for burns, skin diseases, skin aging etc … Plasto wax is a paste composed of natural wax that perfectly reproduces the color and texture of human flesh. As for the spatula, it is possible to take and modulate the material or even to cut the center of the scars. The fake liquid perfectly mimics the appearance of human blood. Coagulated fake blood looks like dense, lumpy fake blood. The cups allow me to mix the materials together or to put the liquid latex. I use the spatula to mix or even take material.  This product looks like a varnish, it allows you to temporarily dye the teeth black. It comes off very easily with a simple brushing of teeth. Finally for the special effects you will need good camouflage creams to cover the latex or the scars.

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