Looking for ideas for an easy and terrifying Halloween make-up? Here are our 6 tutorials explained step by step.


1. Halloween makeup idea: the Mexican skull

Inspired by the Mexican Day of the Dead, a tradition known as “Día de los Muertos” , more and more women are choosing this “calavera” makeup , (skull in French) with its bright colors, its flowers. and its small details. In writing, we have found a very simple tutorial for you to make a beautiful Mexican skull . Follow the guide. Cover your entire face with paint or white powder. As with every make-up, be careful to set it in place to wear it as long as possible. Make two dark circles around the eyes and fill them with makeup.

Preferably, choose a black one but you can go for more cheerful colors like pink or purple. At the end of the lips, draw a black line on each side and cover your lips with vertical black lines . Draw flower petals in the color of your choice all around the area around your eyes . On your nose, draw two rather wide triangles and color them black. Add all the detailsas you wish (dots, lines, stars, drops, etc.) on the cheeks and on the forehead. You are free to choose a palette of colors and the shapes you want. To add an even more original touch, wear colored lenses and do not hesitate to put on false eyelashes. A woman’s make-up that will please all of us.

2. Halloween makeup idea: the Joker

A cult figure from the Marvel films , and also Batman’s nemesis , the Joker is a staple in Halloween costumes. What if this year your man decides to transform into this terrifying character ? Here are the steps to make a makeup as realistic as that of Joaquin Phoenix in the Todd Philips film released in 2019. With white paint, draw the outlines of the eyes. You need to cover the eyebrows and go to the middle of the nose. Fill the entire face with white, but be careful to leave the mouth and eye lines blank.

With a brush, draw two triangles at the top and bottom of the eyes. Color them with turquoise blues or another blue available on your make-up palette. Then use red paint or lipstick and draw the character’s mouth. Do not hesitate to stick out of the lips, it must be as terrifying as possible. You will see that with this tutorial, your man’s costume will be even more realistic. And who knows, he might replace Joaquin Phoenix in the sequel !

3. Halloween makeup idea: the zombie

Who hasn’t been afraid of the zombies that can be found in horror movies or in haunted mansions ? Few people answer “me” to this question. So if you are looking to scare as many people as possible, zombie makeup is for you! For the first step, spread white paint all over the face. With a black pencil, draw the outline of the eyes. Spread these out with a sponge to make a slobbery effect, because yes, the zombie features are pretty blurry . Do the same thing on almost the entire face and don’t forget the lips!

With lipstick or red paint, make different touches of blood. For a scary effect , we advise you to make a few touches on the eyes, mouth, under the nose and on the forehead. You can also wear red or black lenses for even more realism. And for the bravest, why not try scarring?

4. Halloween makeup idea: the reaper or the killer

Notice to fans of the “Scary Movie” and “Scream” cinematographic sagas . If you’re going to turn into a Reaper for Halloween night , keep the mask in the closet and do the makeup yourself. We explain how to do it. To start, determine the outline of your killer face with a black pencil.

Don’t forget the tip of the nose and the eye area. On your mouth, draw a horizontal line going to the hollow of your cheekbones. Color your face with white paint or white makeup. On your eyeshadow palette, choose black or gray and fill in your eyes, hollows of cheeks, temples and nose. For the mouth, use a fine black pencil and draw small horizontal lines on the entire line made in the step before. All you have to do is put on your black suit and you can go scare your whole neighborhood.

5. Halloween makeup idea: Chucky

Love him or hate him, Chucky is clearly one of the creepiest Halloween characters . Terror effect guaranteed for whoever turns into this scary little boy . Brush your face with white paint or white eyeshadow. With the makeup sponge, spread black eye shadow on your lips and eyes. Add false eyelashes to make them even more open.

With very dark purple or brown eyeshadow, draw around your eyes . Don’t forget to fix everything. With a black pencil, draw scars on your forehead and on one of your cheeks. Finally last step, pass your lipstick or red paint on these scars . Don’t be shy and use a lot for a more realistic effect. To complete this crazy makeup, we recommend that you wear very light blue lenses and wear a red wig. Chucky had better watch out!

6. Halloween makeup idea: Sally, The Nightmare Before Christmas

Are you a fan of Sally, that blue character in Mister Jack’s Christmas Stranger ? This beauty treatment is made for you! Ladies, get ready to become Tim Burton’s new muses ! And you will see that this makeup is very easy to reproduce. To get started, grab a brush and your palette of eyeshadows or paints. Brush your entire face with the light blue color.

Do not hesitate to put some in your neck. With lipstick or red paint, color your eyebrows. Repeat the action on your lips and continue the line until the beginning of the cheekbones. On your eyes put black false eyelashes. With a black pencil, make vertical lines on your red line then fix everything. Don’t forget your beautiful red wig and you are all set!

With these tips, we’re sure you’re going to have the best clown , vampire, or witch costumes in your entire neighborhood. And good news! If you are the type to dress up for the carnival, you have tutorials here that you may find useful. And for those wondering how to remove all that makeup, don’t panic! Your best friend will be the baby wipe. And for a stubborn make-up , use your usual makeup remover. Remember to wash your face with water and soap.