Artistic makeup: my 4 favorite brands

facepainting artistic makeupfacepainting artistic makeup
You who get started in artistic make-up , in facepainting or in bodypainting , you find yourself in front of a plethora of products and you do not know where to look.
I present to you four brands with which I work on a daily basis and which I adore! I would like to point out that I have not classified the brands in order of preference, I appreciate them all as much!

1- Superstar , a brand from the Netherlands

warm colors artistic makeupwarm colors artistic makeup
A powerful storytelling, a family brand, employees who seem happy and an incredible choice of colors, this is one of my 3 favorite brands.
Based on glycerin, it is a makeup with a soft texture that allows you to create quality funds for makeup on the face or body.
The value for money is unbeatable (around $ 4 for 16g of makeup or $ 7.5 for a 45g jar) and the range offers more than 100 colors, each more beautiful than the next.
makeup makeup palettemakeup makeup palette
The novelty of the moment
The brand has released its own round format splitcakes. They are beautiful and make you want!
The round format is rather rare because artists prefer the square format to save space … for my part, I like the round shape and I adapt perfectly to it!
My secret
What I like even more is that the supple texture of this makeup allows me to “repot” it in the palettes that I have fun creating.

2- Fusion , an Australian brand

water-based makeup makeup palettewater-based makeup makeup palette
Shimmering palettes, bright colors and some reacting to black light, this is THE ideal brand to start a kit consisting of splitcakes.
This makeup is made of wax, which is more dense and saturated than makeup based on glycerin. Concretely? This is great for making beautiful lines, teardrops and very precise stitches. For my part, I use it to create the backgrounds for certain designs and I am very satisfied with it.
There is therefore this type of pallet but
also individual colors which are very pretty, as well as a white and a really perfect black for the lines and the outlines.
Price level, we are around $ 7 for a 32g jar and we can count from $ 25 to $ 43 for the palettes depending on the number of colors.

water-based makeup makeup palettewater-based makeup makeup palette
The novelty that turns everyone’s head?
The palette that contains 24 colors, the aptly named The ultimate facepaint palette, ideal for moving anywhere with it and making beautiful designs with little material!
It is a superb addition to the splitcake pallets and it can allow you to put together a very complete kit that takes up a minimum of space.

3- Kryolan , a French brand

water makeup makeup for childrenwater makeup makeup for children
Soft colors that I had a little trouble working with when I started.
It’s a brand that I take pleasure in rediscovering thanks to the Covid: they have the enormous advantage of presenting ready-to-use makeup-cream pumps, ideal for working with individual equipment in service.
I tested these pumps and I tell you about them in this article.
In addition to the cream makeup, I made up a small palette of Kryolan water-based eyeshadows.
Compounds based on glycerin, they are particularly pleasant to work with for gradients and to blend them with other colors.
White in particular works wonders
to bring a little touch of light without weighing down a design.
makeup makeup palettemakeup makeup palette
Crazy business operation?
Kryolan caused a sensation in February by relaunching the “big bag sale” operation.
For 24 hours, a nice selection of products is super cheap. For 49 $, you can select up to 20 products (including 5 palettes at most), the ultimate dream in an artist’s life! Judge how little: here is my basket for 49 $

4- Global Colors , another Australian brand

water-based makeup for the body
The Global brand is distinguished by a range of metallic products that I particularly adore.
I made a palette with all the brand’s metallic eyeshadows, a palette that I use a lot in service.
Wax-based, the lines are precise and clear, and the colors are well pigmented.
Like Kryolan, the brand has chosen to market solid eyeshadows AND ready-to-use cream eyeshadows, which are really appreciable in this period of pandemic since they are usable.
individually. Two products, two ways of working them, twice the pleasure!
makeup kitmakeup kit
In the novelties department, Global released a palette containing 48 colors (15g each) and a whole range of brushes with turquoise blue handles.
Wax-based, the colors are dense and well pigmented without remaining on the skin after removing make-up.
Something to take everywhere to create beautiful makeup without worrying about the space it takes in our luggage!
There you go, you know EVERYTHING about my 4 favorite face & bodypainting brands.

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